The Rise of A Hero’s Soul

First of all, when we were young, our teachers used to ask us one big question, ” What is your ambition in life? “. The first thing that comes into our mind is being a doctor or a nurse, simply because it is one of those noblest jobs.

As an individual, called a citizen living in one country, we all have social responsibility towards our neighbors. Let us face the reality that we do not live by ourselves alone, as a matter of fact, nobody does. We all deserve to be respected and be treated equally.

Nowadays, we are in a very tough situation as we have been experiencing lockdown due to COVID19 pandemic. It is because of this, we are all expected to just stay at home. COVID19 victims continue to increase in number. One good thing is that some have recovered.

We may be very unconscious, insensitive or does not even care about our environment or other people. Our medical workers namely; health workers, doctors, and nurses are the ones who face great danger risking their lives just to save other people’s lives.

The truth is they do not deserve to be bullied or treated differently as to discriminate them because if there is somebody here who sacrifices not seeing their families just to serve their nation, it is them. We should understand them as well as educate ourselves with all of these.

Honestly, they don’t want what they see and feel when patients have been dying without even seeing their families. This is so heartbreaking that none of the patient’s families may go near him to talk or even touch him. Why do we blame them? Who are we to blame and bully them? They do not deserve this, they – our FRONTLINERS deserves something better. These people need encouragement inspite of discouragement, praises.

Let us listen to their souls, they are also humans who may have lived a perfectly imperfect life just like us. Though I believe they aren’t just humans but all born to be Heroes of all times.

From the ❤ of the Spontaneous Soul,

I then give my full SALUTE to all our FRONTLINERS!


6 Ways to Learn While In Lockdown, Amidst COVID19

Did you know you can still learn new things while at home?

Talk to Adults

We should take time to talk to adults such as our parents, aunts or uncles, grandmas or grandpas about their experiences when they were younger because in this way, we may understand them fully in terms of how they behave and know what their perception towards life is.


This is said to be one most powerful, efficient and convenient tool to make some research on whatever it is that one does not understand or would like to know about a famous singer or person, events that take place in one’s country as well as to other parts of the world. It may also be used to search for words or phrases to increase one’s vocabulary as to broaden his knowledge towards a specific topic.

Read Books

Look into your library, check and read fictional, biblical or fairy tale books that you have in order for you to be productive enough during your vacant time. Analyze the story itself and emphatize with the character in the story you have been reading.

Recall and Study Previous Lessons

Get your old school books or workbooks and go through all those lessons you have previously taken up in order for you not to forget them easily. Try to answer again those exercises especially the problem-solving part wherein you had some mistakes in order for you to find and know the correct answer, yourself.

Educational or Mind Games

Spend time playing some educational games such as Puzzles, Chess, Games of the Generals, Clue, Boggle or commonly known as Word Factory may help our minds develop our critical thinking, and refresh one’s vocabulary.


Of all six, this one is said to be the best teacher as we learn in the process. We may have some activities like cooking, baking, planting, painting or play outdoor games. We may learn here the values of integrity, austerity, simplicity, humility, creativity, and sportsmanship.

Fight Boredom. Fight COVID19.

Be Advanced.Be Educated.

Be Productive.

Above All, Salute to all our FRONTLINERS!!