Top Social Bingo Games and Where to get freebies

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Best Social Bingo Games on Facebook to Play For Free

Social Bingo Games has been having an enormous growth on social media especially Facebook. People around the world love to play bingo, others play the game in real life with some real money betting. Some of them are also playing bingo online via online casinos and bet real money as well. With this, gaming companies has created free bingo games that can be played on Facebook app. These games are also available to play on few other online apps found on Google play store and iTunes.

facebook bingo games
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Social Bingo Games for 2020

This year of 2020, 9 years after the bingo games on Facebook emerges, even with a bunch of them has appeared. That also has more them who got out of the industry, which means, many have also failed. We have done our research and found out that there are quite a lot of these pages have still millions of likes, but not sure why they left and haven’t been active on their pages anymore. So, right now we are compelling a list of these successful bingo games on Facebook and give you guys our list in which you can play these games for free.

More and More Bingo Games Emerges on different Apps

Since then, a lot of bingo games emerge on Facebook and of course. They then started to gather a lot of attention to those bingo game players to play these free bingo games. They have Facebook pages and gathered tons of followers, likes on their reaching millions of people and players. This was way back in 2011.

1. Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is a company owned, developed, and published by GSN games (Game Show Network) and was founded way back year 2011. The game can be played on different devices such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Amazon. They also have gathered more than 5.5 Million likes and around 5 Million followers on their Facebook page. Right now the company is trying to extend its reach to Instagram.

2. Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz was also founded and launched in the year 2011. They are also known for their traveling around the world rooms. This game was developed by playtika – a very well known game company that develops casino games online. With this, Bingo Blitz has gathered 5.5 Million likes on its Facebook page to date. They also keep on giving away bingo blitz free credits every day. The game is also available on Androids, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. 

Latest Bingo Games to play on Facebook

These are the top bingo games on Facebook at this very moment. But we are focusing on their recent update of their Facebook pages based on their likes and followers. Of course, there are few bingo games that have popped up like 4 years ago. Bingo drive – has also started their games on Facebook. Although they are very young in the industry, they only get around 100,000+ page likes and active players. Still, they do keep on working hard to continue giving away some entertainment for these bingo lovers around the world.

Overall, these games are made not to win real money but just to entertain them especially for bingo lovers. In the end, we are still not obligated to buy anything from them since we can play itfor free.

Even if the game is made for entertainment purposes only. They strongly advise that players should be around 21 years old and above.