Reasons to find the Goodness of Enhanced Community Quarantine 2020

The Beginning

The forecast about the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) declared by the Office of the Republic of the Philippines for the whole country because of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID 19) is a surprise. The quarantine will start on March 15, 2020 until the further announcement. It shocks and upset more Filipinos because of the shutdown of many companies and businesses. Employees have to stop their work and went home to their respective cities. No work, no pay policy to others while some got their early bonuses from their employers. However, the safety of the people is the priority of the ECQ. We cannot change the fact that when we neglect the situation, many will be wiped out by the virus. If people will look at the negative side, it will be a disaster and continues loss but looking into it as an opportunity will make this ECQ still a blessing.

Take Your Time

Looking back, overloaded work minimizes the time for own self like lack of sleep, and sometimes, the break is never enough. Weekends or day off run so fast and did not felt a rest day. Family day is inadequate, and children feel inadvertent from parents. The ECQ requires stay at home policy. Stay at home make all rest more than they need unlike breaks. The situation now gives more time to parents and children bonding moments. This time is free time to organize the house and the things inside.

This Should be an Opportunity

Yes, the ECQ is an opportunity for all that have the skills but never work it out. This time is the outbreak not just of the virus but on the internet communication world. You can work over the web using your ready gadgets on the house. The cellphone that you use on gaming when you are free on work can be used as a medium of income. Your personal laptop that use on making office reports is a big help to make working online more convenient. The internet that you consume in connection with social media is now your edge to access different websites that show hiring updates. These opportunities make a difference, and sometimes exceeds your previous income.

Working at home

Make a Difference

Time past by easily and the body you preserve will weaken and when retirement age comes, we have no choice but to pack up and receive the minimum separation pay from the employer. By that time, you are not that strong for activities that you and your child can do. You almost spent more than of your life span in the company more than to your family in the house.

While having work over the web in the comfort of your own house together with your family is an option. No heavy traffics, no rainy and sunny days outside since you are inside your house, not requiring bags, shoes, perfumes, new pants or suit, and sometimes not requiring office attire since you just work at home and your face is the only appearance see by your client. Even you had the disability physically but with skills and talent, you can be hired over the web and start earning on your own basis.

Making Any Sense?

Of course, the choice is within you. Corporate world or work at home? Corporate world needs investment of finances for transportation, for everyday allowance, for new clothes and require work attire etc. Work at home requires cash too, from the internet connections, laptop, telephone or cellphone, noise cancelling headset, and your time of committed work. Whatever choice, you make, you need financial related issues. However, make sure that the pleasure of the decision you will make you happy and comfortable. Just to mention, after the effects of the pandemic to the nation, many Filipinos from different provinces of the country who conquer the challenges on working in Metro Manila decided to go back on their respective provinces for good. While working at home did not require travel and sacrifice to work far from their families.

So now, do it make any sense of thinking what is better for now and for your tomorrow?

Easy to Do Quarantine Home Projects

quarantine home projects

Extended community lockdown got you down? Take this in a positive stride. Now that you’ve found a bit of time in your hands, best do those long overdue quarantine home projects. Whether you live in a house, apartment, or condominium, there will always be small to-do’s that you’ve shrugged off over the years to make time for life’s other priorities.

If you need ideas, here are easy-to-do quarantine home projects that don’t require complicated tools or involve heavy lifting:

Grow Your Vegetables

quarantine home projects grow lettuce in water

If you have access to planting soil, start growing your vegetables from your kitchen scraps. Lettuce, celery, cabbage, and bokchoy are some of the easiest vegetables you can grow at home. Cut off the base of these vegetables and put them in a shallow jar or bowl with just a bit of water. After 3-4 days, you will notice roots and new leaves starting to appear from the cutting. Transplant the vegetable carefully into a pot of soil. Tend to it by watering and putting it in sunlight and in just a few weeks, you get to enjoy fresh leafy vegetables. This planting technique works with leeks and various herbs as well.

Don’t despair if you can’t get planting soil as you can still grow vegetables using just water. Watch these lettuce and bean sprouts growing videos to learn more.

Make Memory Pillow Covers

quarantine home projects tshirt pillow

A memory pillow cover is one of the best quarantine home projects you can do. It is fun and such a great way to showcase all the shirts you’ve collected over the years like travel souvenir shirts, graphic tees, and branded logo ones. To start, turn your shirt inside out and insert your throw pillow inside. Ensure that the shirt’s design is strategically positioned to your liking. Pin the shirt all around except the bottom part. Carefully remove the pillow and begin sewing a line along the pinned edges. Cut off the excess fabric. Take some Velcro and sew it on the bottom part of the shirt to secure the pillow inside. View the step-by-step guide here. If you want a No-Sew option, check this out.

Change Your Walls

quarantine home projects change wall paint

Feeling a bit cooped up? Change your view by altering the walls of your home. If you’re one of those lucky ones who have cans of wall paint in storage, use it now. Your chosen color should make you feel happy and, importantly, match with your current furniture and décor. If you don’t have paint on hand, stick fun wall stickers, photo frames, or other wall ornaments instead.

Personalize Your Home Office Space

quarantine home projects home office space

Working from home can make an office worker feel a bit disoriented especially if you haven’t tried this kind of set-up before. Take this time to perfect your home office space to feel productive and motivated. Look for the best spot in your home that you’ll get the most peace during your working hours. Once you’ve found it, personalize your spot. Place plants, hang memo boards, decorate with picture frames, or maybe put an oil diffuser on your table to zen-ify your workspace.  Don’t forget to choose chairs and tables that won’t make your crimp your neck or destroy your posture.

Enjoy your quarantine home projects. Don’t stress out on the process but instead, take this time to appreciate the comfort and safety that your home offers at this time.

A Glimpse of What Life Will Be After Covid19 Pandemic

Right now you might also be thinking about what life will be like after the Covid19 pandemic. Just this afternoon a friend even posted on Facebook “is this the end?” I am almost certain that this is not yet the end of us but this may be the end of some habits and lifestyles.

Here are some predictions of what life will be like after the Covid19 pandemic:

1. End of the crowd.
Large gatherings like concerts, conventions, premiere nights, big church gatherings may be regulated and limited to a max of 500 people. This will also mean the decline of events in organizing business.

2. Cough joke as a crime may become a thing (maybe as serious as a bomb joke). Our government may become more serious in criminalizing old dirty habits like spitting in public, coughing or sneezing without covering one mouth may land you to jail.

3. End of cash. Money such as coins and paper may soon be perceived as dirty as in carriers of the virus. Soon all payments may become digital.

4. Going to restaurants, cafes and malls may become too risky for many people and even the government. This may be far fetched but what we’re experiencing right now is honestly a reality that we never expected to happen. This lockdown, social distancing, economic crash really shocked all of us. We never thought that the news far away in Wuhan China became the news right here in our doorsteps. Soon a simple sneeze or a cough inside close premises will scare people away. Food delivery will be the new normal dining experience. Eating at the restaurant may cause an extra charge.

5. Online grocery, online shopping may become the new normal for everyone. Soon even our titos and titas will be forced to adopt this shopping habit.
6. Prepper will become more popular and may become a practical habit not only limited to nerds who spends too much time on the internet.

Here are just 6 shortlists out of the many possibilities of what life may be like after the covid19 pandemic. So what now? I say it’s best to be prepared and stay ahead. One big lesson I think everyone will agree on is that nobody, not even Pres. Duterte or Vladimir Putin was prepared for this. How to prepare for the post Covid19 era? That’s another topic we have to deal with. But as of now, as an entrepreneur, my practical advice would always stay ahead.

Be ready for anything. Be positive and stay hopeful. But most of all be ready to grab the opportunity to be there as the solution provider of what life will be like after the pandemic.

Happiness, the emotion that everyone wants to attain in life

happiness in life

How I found my Happiness in life?

Let me say that having no enough time with your love ones hinder your happiness. Leave the things/activities that give you stress and insufficient time to do the things you love. Be confident to say no if you don’t want and to stand and do it even if you’re a first-timer. That way, you will find real happiness since no one is controlling you or giving instructions on what and when do you something. What a great feeling when you just do what you want to do because you have the freedom. Living within the flow but doing it for a better tomorrow.

Comfort and Happiness

Finally, I got comfort and happiness when I decided to leave my corporate world to be with my family. I take care of my children while they face daily learnings in life. And though I am a hands-on mom, I chose to do some online works like this piece when I have free time, online or offline. So, what if I am not an expert on this. I never had the experience of writing but like you, I have many experiences in life that I can share.

Ultimate Happiness

The happiness I have right now may not be ultimate, but this helps me lower my temper and more compassionate to my family. I have a peace of mind that God will provide because me and my partner work together and support each other to be more productive and efficient. I think that’s what I meant by ultimate happiness.

We just have to do something about it

Get out of your comfort zone. Explore yourself so that other skills may grow and develop.

Be a risk-taker. Making mistakes is normal. We’re not psychics to know the results of our decisions and actions. At least we tried. That is the most important thing. Never trying is losing.

Consider your security. Consider the future security of individuals whom you love and part of your life, otherwise your decision that results to negative will be regretful forever.

Invest in yourself. If you want something more, invest on something more valuable to get something bigger but don’t let go all you have.

Move forward. Whatever the result of your decision, never feel sorry but accept it and move forward. You cannot bring back time to change your mistakes but the lesson learned is your guide to the next step to where you want to be.

Don’t live with negativity. Who will believe you win the battle even if you really not? My friend, the impact of your decision will affect only you. Rumors are like pests that will destroy you and discourage you from doing what makes you happy.

Take a break. Things need to freeze for a moment if needed. Relax, think and plan your next move.

Enjoy life. Being carefree is not bad at all times as long as you don’t hurt anyone. This will definitely make you happy.

Do good things without expecting something in return. Counting the good things you do to people will just hinder your success.

Above all, ask our Almighty God for provision, contentment, satisfaction, peace of mind and happiness. All the actions and decisions you make must be blessed by Him. To God be the glory for all the things we’ve been through. I guarantee you to find your happiness, too.

HAPPINESS, the emotion that everyone wants to attain in life

Money Saving Tips for Moms Everywhere

Top 5 Money-Saving Tips for Stay At Home Moms

Money Saving tips are very important information for those who are stay at home moms like me.

I decided to resign from my 6-year corporate job as a customer service associate in one of the outsourcing companies in our city. Traffic jams, humid weather and long travel to work just made me want to stop and rest in a quiet place. My son is the top reason why I want to stay home. I want to be there during his important milestones.

Overwhelmed by my new role, things to do started to pile up. Day in and day out, my schedule was a mess. To lessen the struggle, I made a list of what to do every day. Stick to it and get some rest. It worked great for me.

Losing one income stream means less money to budget. Working on how to save money is next in my to do list. I turned to my journals and started listing the things I needed to prioritize. Google is the best site to check for insights from Mommas like me. Here are the top 5 that I found.

Money-Saving Tips for Moms Who Make a budget

Money Saving tips for moms

Image from

I have browsed different sites and almost all of them put this as their first tip.

Stick to your budget – Plan the meals your family will have in the next few days. Stick to your list that includes main meal ingredients to movie night snacks. Focus on the list and don’t get tempted to buy extra stuff. 

Go to the store alone – This saves time and money. Believe me. Most mothers can relate. No need to get into details.

Don’t go with empty tummy – We are talking about saving. Let’s save a buck or two for food to go.

Grow Your Own

Image from

 Oh, how I love to do this. Most importantly, this gives the best health benefits. Aging gracefully has something to do with a little physical activity outside added to your daily routine.

Improves family’s health – You enjoy better tasting nutritious food served on the table

Ensures food safety – You grow your fruits and veggies organically with no chemicals.

Best exercise – This is the best way to stay active and get outside for some fresh air.

Savings – Having a garden saves you a few dollars for groceries.

Embrace Minimalism

Money Saving tips for moms

Living this kind of lifestyle gives you peace of mind, space, time, clarity and freedom to focus on cultivating your true self and engage fully with your daily life.

Keep your possessions few – This makes a room for more important things.

Focus less on material things – These things create stress and you’re always scared of losing. Simplify your life and live with a calm, peaceful mind. 

 Don’t purchase extra stuff – Worst of all, this would just add up to your clutter

Pay In Cash

Money Saving tips for moms
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Believe me, this helps you mentally. This is very helpful especially that you have to keep that expenses low. Using a credit card might give you an illusion of a lot of money which is not yours.

Limited spending– You will only use what’s in your wallet, no more, no less.

No unnecessary fees – I meant the interest and the annual fees you pay to these credit card companies. They are not reasonable if you have other options.

Start A Side Hustle

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Well, I understand the feeling of no income and fully dependent on your husband’s wage. Having a side hustle assures me that if things go sideways, I have something extra in my pocket.

Learn and Earn -You learn a new skill. Earning is the second best.

Keep your mind active – Do a thing or two that are off your daily routine

 A little extra for yourself – A salon visit in two months to keep you, Momma, on track. 

With these tips, I am more equipped and ready to be a stay at home super mom. Progress and not perfection is my ultimate goal.

The best part is, I have a wonderful time with the kids and get to play with them.  It is always a wonderful feeling to be able to spend time with your family, take care of the house and earn at the same time.

To all mothers out there. We can do it!