The Rise of A Hero’s Soul

First of all, when we were young, our teachers used to ask us one big question, ” What is your ambition in life? “. The first thing that comes into our mind is being a doctor or a nurse, simply because it is one of those noblest jobs.

As an individual, called a citizen living in one country, we all have social responsibility towards our neighbors. Let us face the reality that we do not live by ourselves alone, as a matter of fact, nobody does. We all deserve to be respected and be treated equally.

Nowadays, we are in a very tough situation as we have been experiencing lockdown due to COVID19 pandemic. It is because of this, we are all expected to just stay at home. COVID19 victims continue to increase in number. One good thing is that some have recovered.

We may be very unconscious, insensitive or does not even care about our environment or other people. Our medical workers namely; health workers, doctors, and nurses are the ones who face great danger risking their lives just to save other people’s lives.

The truth is they do not deserve to be bullied or treated differently as to discriminate them because if there is somebody here who sacrifices not seeing their families just to serve their nation, it is them. We should understand them as well as educate ourselves with all of these.

Honestly, they don’t want what they see and feel when patients have been dying without even seeing their families. This is so heartbreaking that none of the patient’s families may go near him to talk or even touch him. Why do we blame them? Who are we to blame and bully them? They do not deserve this, they – our FRONTLINERS deserves something better. These people need encouragement inspite of discouragement, praises.

Let us listen to their souls, they are also humans who may have lived a perfectly imperfect life just like us. Though I believe they aren’t just humans but all born to be Heroes of all times.

From the ❤ of the Spontaneous Soul,

I then give my full SALUTE to all our FRONTLINERS!


5 Ways to be Prepared If You Become Jobless After Lockdown

The Lockdown has been executed to almost all nations around the world

Almost one-third of the world’s population is now under lockdown or quarantine. Billions of us are staying at home. And as business and factories are now closing because of the Covid19 Pandemic, the economic effects of this lockdown may be worst than the virus itself.

This economic standstill may force many businesses to do cost-cutting measures. Thus many may stay jobless once the lockdown is lifted. These economic adjustments may hit the food service or restaurant industries retails outlets, real estate, travel and tours and other businesses that require social gatherings such as meetings, etc.

This is why preparing for the worst-case scenario will be the best way to spend you’re your time while in quarantine.

Here are some top 5 ways to prepare yourself if you won’t get your job back after the lockdown.

1. Be mentally prepared. Come on, it’s as if this will be your first time to be jobless. You have been through the worst times. You know you can handle this. This is just another phase of your life. You got this, you just have to prepare yourself so that when unemployment hits you, you may already have a cash flow flowing or you’re on your way to your next new job.

2. Have an inventory of your skills. Look for the skills that can turn into profit like cooking, baking or some technical skills that you may have used before. If you know how to make homemade chorizo, this may be the best time to start.

3. Go online. Set up your LinkedIn account, Upwork, and Facebook Groups that offer assistance on home-based jobs or business work and start applying now. Look for virtual assistant jobs online, call center hiring. Who knows this may be the start of your virtual assistant career.

4. Take that step to become an entrepreneur. Start can connecting with friends who already have a business. Start asking for some advice or if they have some sort of referral or affiliate system that you can temporarily use just to start the cash flowing in. Or you can search online and learn a few things on how to start your online business. You can also look at the top 20 trends or best sellers online.

5. Grab the opportunity and take advantage of the growing demand for immune boosters or health supplements and position yourself to be the solutions provider for this demand.

That’s it, we must all be prepared

Almost everyone now is anxious about what’s going to happen next, so just take this quote from Vince Lombardi “preparedness is the ultimate confidence builder”. Let’s still hope for the best but again,  prepare for the worst.     

6 Ways to Learn While In Lockdown, Amidst COVID19

Did you know you can still learn new things while at home?

Talk to Adults

We should take time to talk to adults such as our parents, aunts or uncles, grandmas or grandpas about their experiences when they were younger because in this way, we may understand them fully in terms of how they behave and know what their perception towards life is.


This is said to be one most powerful, efficient and convenient tool to make some research on whatever it is that one does not understand or would like to know about a famous singer or person, events that take place in one’s country as well as to other parts of the world. It may also be used to search for words or phrases to increase one’s vocabulary as to broaden his knowledge towards a specific topic.

Read Books

Look into your library, check and read fictional, biblical or fairy tale books that you have in order for you to be productive enough during your vacant time. Analyze the story itself and emphatize with the character in the story you have been reading.

Recall and Study Previous Lessons

Get your old school books or workbooks and go through all those lessons you have previously taken up in order for you not to forget them easily. Try to answer again those exercises especially the problem-solving part wherein you had some mistakes in order for you to find and know the correct answer, yourself.

Educational or Mind Games

Spend time playing some educational games such as Puzzles, Chess, Games of the Generals, Clue, Boggle or commonly known as Word Factory may help our minds develop our critical thinking, and refresh one’s vocabulary.


Of all six, this one is said to be the best teacher as we learn in the process. We may have some activities like cooking, baking, planting, painting or play outdoor games. We may learn here the values of integrity, austerity, simplicity, humility, creativity, and sportsmanship.

Fight Boredom. Fight COVID19.

Be Advanced.Be Educated.

Be Productive.

Above All, Salute to all our FRONTLINERS!!

A Glimpse of What Life Will Be After Covid19 Pandemic

Right now you might also be thinking about what life will be like after the Covid19 pandemic. Just this afternoon a friend even posted on Facebook “is this the end?” I am almost certain that this is not yet the end of us but this may be the end of some habits and lifestyles.

Here are some predictions of what life will be like after the Covid19 pandemic:

1. End of the crowd.
Large gatherings like concerts, conventions, premiere nights, big church gatherings may be regulated and limited to a max of 500 people. This will also mean the decline of events in organizing business.

2. Cough joke as a crime may become a thing (maybe as serious as a bomb joke). Our government may become more serious in criminalizing old dirty habits like spitting in public, coughing or sneezing without covering one mouth may land you to jail.

3. End of cash. Money such as coins and paper may soon be perceived as dirty as in carriers of the virus. Soon all payments may become digital.

4. Going to restaurants, cafes and malls may become too risky for many people and even the government. This may be far fetched but what we’re experiencing right now is honestly a reality that we never expected to happen. This lockdown, social distancing, economic crash really shocked all of us. We never thought that the news far away in Wuhan China became the news right here in our doorsteps. Soon a simple sneeze or a cough inside close premises will scare people away. Food delivery will be the new normal dining experience. Eating at the restaurant may cause an extra charge.

5. Online grocery, online shopping may become the new normal for everyone. Soon even our titos and titas will be forced to adopt this shopping habit.
6. Prepper will become more popular and may become a practical habit not only limited to nerds who spends too much time on the internet.

Here are just 6 shortlists out of the many possibilities of what life may be like after the covid19 pandemic. So what now? I say it’s best to be prepared and stay ahead. One big lesson I think everyone will agree on is that nobody, not even Pres. Duterte or Vladimir Putin was prepared for this. How to prepare for the post Covid19 era? That’s another topic we have to deal with. But as of now, as an entrepreneur, my practical advice would always stay ahead.

Be ready for anything. Be positive and stay hopeful. But most of all be ready to grab the opportunity to be there as the solution provider of what life will be like after the pandemic.

Easy Step to Explore Surigao Sur, Ph – A Travel Guide

Your best guide to explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Easy Step to Explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines – A Travel Guide

Easy Step to Explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines – A Travel Guide is an essential travel guide that has only one step for you to accomplish so that you can smoothly explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

Easy Step to Explore Surigao
Image from

This 1 easy step to explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines is very vital to follow for this will serve as your guide to your smooth travel.

Probably, getting lost on the way for not following this only step will be remorse. This 3-minute read will really help you in having a memorable vacation this year.

Tired of being quarantined for weeks now?

girl with face looking tired and sighing to many times for being quarantined
Image from

Have you been sighing so many times for the days that have gone only spent for doing tiktok and scrolling your phone for social media updates back and forth where in fact you have scheduled your summer goals months ago? The time has come for you to look forward to thinking about where to expose your body under the sun and travel after this quarantine is done. This 1 step will help you explore Surigao del Sur with a smooth travel.

Is your residence far from the area? Not a problem at all!

If you are a reader from abroad who experiences breezy air, choosing the Philippines is one of the best options because the Philippines is surely gifted with only two seasons, rainy and sunny. This summer season, the Philippines can promise you warm weather and warm seawater as well.

If you are a resident of the Philippines, who lives in Northern area, having vacation down South, more specifically Surigao del Sur, is highly recommended. Numerous splendid spots are worthy to explore in just one province, which is a good thing for your travel expenses not to be too costly.

Sneak peeks of the area…

Surigao del Sur is a province with various tourist spots. Here’s to name some.

  • Enchanted River
  • Britania Islands
  • Tinuy-an Falls
  • Cagwait White Beach
  • Bao-Bao Falls
  • Malinawa Cool Spring
  • Libuacan Cold Spring
  • Laswitan Lagoon
  • Alameda Farm
  • San Pedro Farm
  • Vanishing Island
  • Sibadan Fish Cage Resort

The 1 Easy Step to Explore Surigao

In here, we are going to give you 1 Easy Step to reach and explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines. Moreover, you will surely have fun in various superb spots of Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

This only step is Book your Travel with Tripadvisor. You just have to click Things to do and you are good to go.

tripadvisor travel companion shows things to do

Tripadvisor is an ultimate travel companion. This travel platform is the largest one around the globe that makes every trip the best trip. Most travelers put their trust and use Tripadvisor site or app to be their partner for their travel. Tripadvisor will show you low prices on hotels, flight and cruises.

You can also book popular tours and attractions with this travel partner. Not just that, even with reserving tables at great restaurants, you can entrust that to them.

Travel alone, with friends, with your better half, or with your family, if you want to have a safe, smooth, and fun travel, don’t hesitate to choose Tripadvisor to be your travel buddy.

Why do we recommend Surigao del Sur?

For ocean lovers – Surigao del Sur province is located along the northeastern coast of Mindanao facing the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

For Instagrammable posts – It is a province with numerous tourist attractions widely known on social media.

As for the province’s climate, it falls under the Type II climate of the Philippines which his characterized by rainfall distributed throughout the year. The rainy season begins from the month of November and ends in March. However, the previous year, the onset of the rainy season has not fallen on the usual time which makes the rainy season to last until June.

For adventurous travelers – If your vacation this April or May will have rainfalls and even storms, worry less because you can still have fun at Laswitan Lagoon where waves create a waterfall on the rock formations during storms and strong winds.

Take a look at the instagram post by @iamsurigao down below.

waterfall on rock formations

Travel without food is a big mood changer.

For food hunters – To tell you, Surigao del Sur is one of the suppliers of rice, bananas, and other tropical fruit. Seawater products also are terrific where fresh seafood is available. As for the sea plants, you can experience tasting fresh seagrapes at Lanuza.

Some travelers personally experienced picking the seagrapes during low tide. Another fun experience is a view of a seaweed garden at Barobo. As you travel your way on the ocean to the seaweed garden, you will get to see numerous huge starfish of different colors.

Get to know the Capital City of Surigao del Sur

sunrise at the boulevard

For city wanderers – For travelers who love to wander the city, Tandag City is the capital city of Surigao del Sur. You can have a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or Brew Central Coffeehouse. If you want to dine in restaurants, you can go to the Gold Bar or Mandarin Tea Garden. Hotels are also available in the city for you to relax. You can check-in at the Villa Maria Luisa Hotel and Shacene Hotel.

Surigao del Sur may be least heard, but this province is an awe-inspiring place to visit. Don’t hesitate to come and don’t forget to entrust your travel with Tripadvisor.

Most noteworthy, don’t forget to bring a heart full of energy to enjoy every step of your journey.

Happiness, the emotion that everyone wants to attain in life

happiness in life

How I found my Happiness in life?

Let me say that having no enough time with your love ones hinder your happiness. Leave the things/activities that give you stress and insufficient time to do the things you love. Be confident to say no if you don’t want and to stand and do it even if you’re a first-timer. That way, you will find real happiness since no one is controlling you or giving instructions on what and when do you something. What a great feeling when you just do what you want to do because you have the freedom. Living within the flow but doing it for a better tomorrow.

Comfort and Happiness

Finally, I got comfort and happiness when I decided to leave my corporate world to be with my family. I take care of my children while they face daily learnings in life. And though I am a hands-on mom, I chose to do some online works like this piece when I have free time, online or offline. So, what if I am not an expert on this. I never had the experience of writing but like you, I have many experiences in life that I can share.

Ultimate Happiness

The happiness I have right now may not be ultimate, but this helps me lower my temper and more compassionate to my family. I have a peace of mind that God will provide because me and my partner work together and support each other to be more productive and efficient. I think that’s what I meant by ultimate happiness.

We just have to do something about it

Get out of your comfort zone. Explore yourself so that other skills may grow and develop.

Be a risk-taker. Making mistakes is normal. We’re not psychics to know the results of our decisions and actions. At least we tried. That is the most important thing. Never trying is losing.

Consider your security. Consider the future security of individuals whom you love and part of your life, otherwise your decision that results to negative will be regretful forever.

Invest in yourself. If you want something more, invest on something more valuable to get something bigger but don’t let go all you have.

Move forward. Whatever the result of your decision, never feel sorry but accept it and move forward. You cannot bring back time to change your mistakes but the lesson learned is your guide to the next step to where you want to be.

Don’t live with negativity. Who will believe you win the battle even if you really not? My friend, the impact of your decision will affect only you. Rumors are like pests that will destroy you and discourage you from doing what makes you happy.

Take a break. Things need to freeze for a moment if needed. Relax, think and plan your next move.

Enjoy life. Being carefree is not bad at all times as long as you don’t hurt anyone. This will definitely make you happy.

Do good things without expecting something in return. Counting the good things you do to people will just hinder your success.

Above all, ask our Almighty God for provision, contentment, satisfaction, peace of mind and happiness. All the actions and decisions you make must be blessed by Him. To God be the glory for all the things we’ve been through. I guarantee you to find your happiness, too.

HAPPINESS, the emotion that everyone wants to attain in life

Money Saving Tips for Moms Everywhere

Top 5 Money-Saving Tips for Stay At Home Moms

Money Saving tips are very important information for those who are stay at home moms like me.

I decided to resign from my 6-year corporate job as a customer service associate in one of the outsourcing companies in our city. Traffic jams, humid weather and long travel to work just made me want to stop and rest in a quiet place. My son is the top reason why I want to stay home. I want to be there during his important milestones.

Overwhelmed by my new role, things to do started to pile up. Day in and day out, my schedule was a mess. To lessen the struggle, I made a list of what to do every day. Stick to it and get some rest. It worked great for me.

Losing one income stream means less money to budget. Working on how to save money is next in my to do list. I turned to my journals and started listing the things I needed to prioritize. Google is the best site to check for insights from Mommas like me. Here are the top 5 that I found.

Money-Saving Tips for Moms Who Make a budget

Money Saving tips for moms

Image from

I have browsed different sites and almost all of them put this as their first tip.

Stick to your budget – Plan the meals your family will have in the next few days. Stick to your list that includes main meal ingredients to movie night snacks. Focus on the list and don’t get tempted to buy extra stuff. 

Go to the store alone – This saves time and money. Believe me. Most mothers can relate. No need to get into details.

Don’t go with empty tummy – We are talking about saving. Let’s save a buck or two for food to go.

Grow Your Own

Image from

 Oh, how I love to do this. Most importantly, this gives the best health benefits. Aging gracefully has something to do with a little physical activity outside added to your daily routine.

Improves family’s health – You enjoy better tasting nutritious food served on the table

Ensures food safety – You grow your fruits and veggies organically with no chemicals.

Best exercise – This is the best way to stay active and get outside for some fresh air.

Savings – Having a garden saves you a few dollars for groceries.

Embrace Minimalism

Money Saving tips for moms

Living this kind of lifestyle gives you peace of mind, space, time, clarity and freedom to focus on cultivating your true self and engage fully with your daily life.

Keep your possessions few – This makes a room for more important things.

Focus less on material things – These things create stress and you’re always scared of losing. Simplify your life and live with a calm, peaceful mind. 

 Don’t purchase extra stuff – Worst of all, this would just add up to your clutter

Pay In Cash

Money Saving tips for moms
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Believe me, this helps you mentally. This is very helpful especially that you have to keep that expenses low. Using a credit card might give you an illusion of a lot of money which is not yours.

Limited spending– You will only use what’s in your wallet, no more, no less.

No unnecessary fees – I meant the interest and the annual fees you pay to these credit card companies. They are not reasonable if you have other options.

Start A Side Hustle

Image from

Well, I understand the feeling of no income and fully dependent on your husband’s wage. Having a side hustle assures me that if things go sideways, I have something extra in my pocket.

Learn and Earn -You learn a new skill. Earning is the second best.

Keep your mind active – Do a thing or two that are off your daily routine

 A little extra for yourself – A salon visit in two months to keep you, Momma, on track. 

With these tips, I am more equipped and ready to be a stay at home super mom. Progress and not perfection is my ultimate goal.

The best part is, I have a wonderful time with the kids and get to play with them.  It is always a wonderful feeling to be able to spend time with your family, take care of the house and earn at the same time.

To all mothers out there. We can do it!

Top Social Bingo Games and Where to get freebies

facebook bingo games

Best Social Bingo Games on Facebook to Play For Free

Social Bingo Games has been having an enormous growth on social media especially Facebook. People around the world love to play bingo, others play the game in real life with some real money betting. Some of them are also playing bingo online via online casinos and bet real money as well. With this, gaming companies has created free bingo games that can be played on Facebook app. These games are also available to play on few other online apps found on Google play store and iTunes.

facebook bingo games
Image source:

Social Bingo Games for 2020

This year of 2020, 9 years after the bingo games on Facebook emerges, even with a bunch of them has appeared. That also has more them who got out of the industry, which means, many have also failed. We have done our research and found out that there are quite a lot of these pages have still millions of likes, but not sure why they left and haven’t been active on their pages anymore. So, right now we are compelling a list of these successful bingo games on Facebook and give you guys our list in which you can play these games for free.

More and More Bingo Games Emerges on different Apps

Since then, a lot of bingo games emerge on Facebook and of course. They then started to gather a lot of attention to those bingo game players to play these free bingo games. They have Facebook pages and gathered tons of followers, likes on their reaching millions of people and players. This was way back in 2011.

1. Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is a company owned, developed, and published by GSN games (Game Show Network) and was founded way back year 2011. The game can be played on different devices such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Amazon. They also have gathered more than 5.5 Million likes and around 5 Million followers on their Facebook page. Right now the company is trying to extend its reach to Instagram.

2. Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz was also founded and launched in the year 2011. They are also known for their traveling around the world rooms. This game was developed by playtika – a very well known game company that develops casino games online. With this, Bingo Blitz has gathered 5.5 Million likes on its Facebook page to date. They also keep on giving away bingo blitz free credits every day. The game is also available on Androids, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. 

Latest Bingo Games to play on Facebook

These are the top bingo games on Facebook at this very moment. But we are focusing on their recent update of their Facebook pages based on their likes and followers. Of course, there are few bingo games that have popped up like 4 years ago. Bingo drive – has also started their games on Facebook. Although they are very young in the industry, they only get around 100,000+ page likes and active players. Still, they do keep on working hard to continue giving away some entertainment for these bingo lovers around the world.

Overall, these games are made not to win real money but just to entertain them especially for bingo lovers. In the end, we are still not obligated to buy anything from them since we can play itfor free.

Even if the game is made for entertainment purposes only. They strongly advise that players should be around 21 years old and above.